Sheep for Sale & Wanted (eBaa!)

Members of the Shetland Sheep Society may place an advert here. Please email the following information to Lynn McHattie at lynn[at] to load onto the website: Your Location, Name, Phone, Email, Flock name and Advert wording. Please include a photo if you wish (maximum of three photos). Adverts will automatically be removed after four months. Members may place a permanent advert for a cost of £25 per year.

Buyers are strongly urged to obtain proof of pedigree status prior to completing any transaction for pedigree stock - if you are unsure please contact the Registration Secretary.

Sheep Wanted



Name: Fiona Hopper
Phone: 07802 578629
Email: fiona.jayne77[at]


Listed on
5 Aug 2017

Advert: BISHOPTON Flock

Wanted Shetland Moorit tup Shearling or older.



Location: NORTH WALES, 40 miles from CHESTER

Name: Jenni Frost
Phone: 01745 833932
Email: jennifrost[at]

Listed on
19 Jun 2017

Wanted:  A quality white, ram lamb with good bloodlines. Can be polled or horned.


Sheep For Sale

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Name: Suzanne Vestri
Phone: 07519 871 417



Ewes with 2017 lambs at foot (all tup lambs wethered) – small number
Ewe hoggs – for breeding autumn 2017 – small number
Ewe lambs will be available in a range of colours at weaning.  Pre-orders are advised as small deposit secures lambs for later delivery.

Here Come The Boys:
SSS Approved Adult Rams for sale in white, moorit and black.  
SSS Approved Adult Rams available for hire (white, black and moorit) which come from Koru and St Baldred's lines.

We also sometimes have some older ewes looking for a loving home where they can settle down to post-breeding retirement.  Old ladies need love too.

All stock bucket-trained and friendly.  Some very friendly indeed!  Ideal for people just starting out with Shetland sheep and we have helped to set up starter flocks right across Scotland.
We provide ‘starter information’ if required and are always available for post-sale advice to our buyers.

Transport available (just at cost of diesel) throughout Scotland and northern England if needed.




Name: Kate Sharp or Alan Hill
Phone: Kate Sharp 07789887291 and
              Alan Hill 07765687818 or 01522778250


Ewingston flock established in 1988
Moorits, Fawns, Greys, Blacks, Katmogets, Patterned available
Shearling rams, Shearling ewes, ewe & ram lambs for sale.
Ewes with or without lambs at foot.
We occasionally have older ewes looking for semi retirement homes, used to running with horses/ponies.

Starter flocks tailored to suit your requirements available.
We can provide an Information Pack to help new Shetland Sheep keepers get started, and after-sales help.

All of our stock are bucket trained and friendly.
If required lambs & shearlings can partially be halter trained for you, before collection.
Many of our sheep have had their fleece micron tested & many prize winners in our flock.
All the rams we use for breeding, currently hold SSS Certificate of Approval.

Transport available throughout the UK.



Name: Suzanne Meikle
Phone: 07740 680483 (please leave a message if not answered)



Selection of quality stock available from our small prize-winning flock

Ewes / Shearling Ewes  – (Moorit, & Black) quality bloodlines, beautiful wool, bucket-trained & friendly

Rams – Moorit & White (2), suitable for breeders looking to improve wool quality, frames, tails, all bucket trained

Lambs (2017) – Moorit, Black and White lambs available from weaning (August) but can be reserved in advance (can be sold with mothers earlier if required)

Polled ram lambs – this year we have 2 Moorit polled ram lambs – champion bloodlines and cracking frames on them.

Happy to deliver for cost of diesel.

Reasonable prices and a small deposit will secure.

After-Sales Support is offered to all our buyers.


Location:  West Linton, Borders, SCOTLAND

Name: Morrison + Bogue
Phone: 07919 622139
Email: riggshetlands[at]                                                           

Listed on
18 October 2017

Advert:  Rigg Flock

3 lovely tup shearlings for sale:

Rigg Gregory ( 067370)

Rigg Algonquin ( 067373)

Rigg Gregarious ( 067421)

All sound, well made sheep,  with good wool and nice temperaments. For further info please call or e mail.




Location:  Dunblane, SCOTLAND

Name: Richard and Anne McGlashan
Phone: 07825 881920
Email: richardmcglashan[at]                                                           

Listed on
16 October 2017

Advert:  KINBURN Flock

Shetland Tups for Sale - Kinburn Farm, Greenloaning, Dunblane Scotland FK150NA

All born 2015 , bred from quality stock,all good sized animals, perfect for increasing your ewe sizes.

Will easily come to the bucket, and could be easily trained as they are quite quiet animals.

All fully registered with Shetland Sheep Society.

Registration No. 064744  Alexander, born 06/05/2015  (single )  Colour - White
Registration No. 067710  Charles, born   12/05/2015 (single )  Colour - White
Registration No. 064749  Jimmy, born  02/05/2015 ( twin )   Colour - White
Registration No.  064751  Robert, born 07/05/2015   (twin)  Colour - White
Registration No.  067709 Cassius, born 09/05/2015    ( twin)  Colour - Black
Registration No.  067707 Eduardo, born 12/05/2015   (twin)  Colour - Moorit
Registration No. 067708 Bernard, born 05/05/2015 ( twin )  Colour - Katmoget





Name: Denise Palmer
Phone: 07742 525114
Email:  denise.exton[at]

Listed on
1 October 2017

Advert: NEWHALL Flock

For Sale: 4 pedigree registered black Shetland ewes (2015 & 2016 born).  Also 1 Shetland x North Country Cheviot gimmer black.  All bucket trained and easy to pen/handle etc.

Also, a handsome ram lamb (moorit, yuglet, sokket) with lovely temperament. Eligible for registration; Dam: Newhall Beyonce, and Sire: Dunkeld Elijah.

All Heptavac P vaccinated.





Name: Steve & Chris Grist
Phone: 01333 352767
Email:  tawny219[at]

Listed on
1 October 2017

Advert: FLUTHERS Flock

For sale - two pedigree ewe lambs SSS registered.  Born April 2017.  Sire Drum Cruachan £40 each.








Name: Beth Kendall
Phone: 07867 576830
Email:  bethkendall[at]

Listed on
16 Sept 2017

Advert: OF THE HEIGHTS Flock

A few ewe lambs for sale as most are being retained. £50 each.
Ram lambs, moorit. £30 each.

Selling Simon as he is coming back into his own stock.(052202 SIMON of The Heights (Male)
Colour - Black, Ear tag - UK0504998-00031, Born - 3/4/11 (Twin) A very nice fellow, comes to the bucket. Throws mostly moorit lambs. Offers.

Local transport may be available for cost of fuel.




Location: Lockerbie, SW SCOTLAND

Name: Jennifer & Brian Hunter
Phone: Jen: 07920 104971
Email:  huntersofhalleaths[at]

Listed on
21 Apr 2017

Advert:  HUNTER Flock

Two lovely shearling tups for sale. Hunter's Angus (moorit, polled, twin) was second in a large ram lamb class at Cumberland show last year. Very well put together, out of a reserve champion ewe. Hunter's Aaron (fawn katmoget, horned, twin) has never been shown but is a good stamp of a lad with a laid back personality. Both were used to tup 2 ewes each in the autumn and have sired lovely lambs! Both are bucket trained and getting more friendly as they get older. Please contact if you can offer a lovely home to either of these lads..



Location: St Andrews, Fife, SCOTLAND

Name: Graeme Maclean
Phone: 07435 564137
Email:  graeme.g.maclean[at]

Listed on
15 Apr 2017

Advert:  DUART Flock

4 Gimmers for sale. 3 white and 1 grey plus 4 ewes 2/3 year old. All registered.






Location: MID WALES

Name: Alma Whitten
Phone: 01654 700344


Advert: CIL WENLLAN Flock

Pedigree breeding stock carefully selected for excellent fleece, healthy feet, worm resistance, ease of lambing, and temperament.  Bucket trained, on Heptavac system.  Variety of colours, primarily solid, katmoget, and blettet.  Enquire for available sales.




Location: NORTH WALES, 40 miles from CHESTER

Name: Jenni Frost
Phone: 01745 833932
Email: jennifrost[at]


Advert: FELINRHYD Flock

For sale - 6 ewes, proven mothers and all 3 yrs old.  They are all ready to go to the ram. 
( These ewes were barren this year having lambed in 2016. I only breed alternate years with my flock to allow for complete recovery in condition).  All have excellent fleeces, as I breed for fibre. 
£50 each.






Name: Ross Rixon
Phone: 01994 419034 (please leave a message if we are out - we have no mobile reception)


Advert:  AFONTAF Flock

We have ewe and ram lambs in fawn moorit and grey with a variety of markings by Mandeville Skein and Dion and Brae Faik. Also one or two shearlings.




Location: Llanarth, Ceredigion, MID WEST WALES

Name: Penny Samociuk
Phone: 01545 580022 or 07967 327970
Email:  penny[at]                                                           

Listed on
19 Sept 2017

Advert:  Of PENLON Flock

Several quality shearling and 3 year old ewes.  Mostly
moorit or grey and fawn musket.  Almost all sired by Registered Approved
Ram Cluniac QUAKER (Black) or BLACK MAGIC of Penlon (Blaeget moorit).
All are registered.  We did not lamb last year so all are in good
condition and ready to go to ram.  Good fleece and feet.  Tame and easy
to handle.  Will follow bucket. We could deliver if within reasonable




Location: Carmarthenshire, Wales

Name: Jane Harries (for Elizabeth Harries)
Phone: 01267 253327 or 07745 952079
Email:  jane.harries1[at]                                                           

Listed on
16 Sept 2017

Advert:  CWMDWFN Flock

Reduction of the "Cwmdwfn Flock" - 45 Pedigree ewes in all  flock ages . Only for sale due to due to farm being sold.  Well established hardy flock, running on land up to 1000ft .  Opportunity for someone to acquire a good sized flock or will split.





Location:  POWYS, Crai, near Brecon, WALES

Name: Julian and Sue Barker
Phone: 01874 638394
Email:  juliandbarker[at]                                                           

Listed on
20 Aug 2017

Advert:  LLWYNNEUADD Flock

Two promising ram lambs for sale. Will register if required.
One black, offspring of 058314 Honorwood Rafferty and 061019 Honorwood April (single)
One moorit, offspring of 058314 Honorwood Rafferty and 061030 Honorwood Amber (twin)
£75 each






Location: BERKSHIRE (near Hungerford/Newbury)

Name: Lindy Woodhouse
Phone: 07909 973790
Website: (to be updated soon)


Advert:  Golden Oak Flock

Unusually marked ewes, shearlings, ram lambs and castrated male lambs.
Female lines are the lovely Mandeville lines.  Gorgeous, friendly and some exceptionally pretty ewes.
Beautiful stock for sale including a Fabulous starter flock of pedigree ewes available to enthusiastic knowledgeable home, ideally to go with our outstanding young colour producing ram who in 2017 sired mainly twins and 2 sets of stunning triplets.
Please contact us for further pictures and information..






Name: Tracy Gray
Phone: 01296 733732  07949 516313                                                                               


Advert: HILLVIEW Flock
Gulmoget    Grey    Flecket    Patterned
Pedigree breeding stock from show-winning lines. Easy to handle. Ideal for starter flocks. All enquiries welcome.







Location:  Cheshire / Greater Manchester Boundary

Name: H T McLean
Phone: 0161 428 0602 or 07969 326517
Email: trevor_mclean1[at]                                                           

Listed on
18 October 2017

Advert:  OAKENBANK Flock

Rams and Ram Lambs for Sale.

Two or four horned, mostly white, some coloured.





Location:  Macclesfield, Cheshire

Name: Colin & Mary Ardon
Phone: 07554 931391 or 01625 613158
Email: colardon[at]                                                           

Listed on
16 October 2017

Advert:  ENFIELD Flock

Born on 19/04/17 Enfield Marcus is a fully registered fine example of the Shetland breed. With moorit colouring and a fine fleece he meets all the criteria of a first class sheep.

We also have a couple of katmogets (one shown in photos); one of which has broken horns (boys will fight!) but they are well healed; and finally a black turning to grey ram lamb.

All or any of the three can be registered if a sale is made.

Call or email for more information. We are on the edge of Macclesfield approx. 12 miles from the M6 motorway.














Location:  Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Name: Fran Renwick
Phone: 07805 383165
Email: fran.renwick[at]                                                           

Listed on
16 Sept 2017

Advert:  BULL HILL Flock

Several ram lambs for sale or hire, in a variety of patterns and colours: black, fawn, fawn katmoget and white. The white ram in particular is a lovely boy with a beautiful fleece. All vaccinated with Heptavac P.

Prices and more photos on request.







Location:  Bradworthy, NORTH DEVON

Name: Blandine Anderson
Phone: 01409 241284

Listed on:
24 September 2017

Advert:  JOESMOOR Flock

For sale: Ram-lambs (born April/May 2017).
Various colours inc. Black Gully, Fawn Kat, Grey Bersugget and Solid Black.
Very good fleeces and pleasant natures.
Also for sale: Mature and Shearling ewes – good fleeces and range of colours.
All up to date with Heptavac.








  North DORSET

Name: Tania Gay, Edna Thomas and David Humphreys
Phone: Tania 01747 851 304    Dave and Edna 01747 812022
Email:[at]      david.edna[at]




Quality Pedigree Registered Flocks, many from top prize winning stock.

Very Good conformation and fleeces, specialising in Blacks, Moorits, Grey Katmogets with a policy of breeding "like to like."

Available: Starter Flocks, Rams, Lamb Rams, Weathers, Ewes, Conservation grazers, Shearling and Ewe Lambs, all Heptivac’d. Always happy to provide help and advice especially to new keepers.

Why choose us? Apart from being friendly and approachable, being a partnership you will also enjoy a greater choice






Location: DURHAM

Name: Ann Newton
Phone:  07958 178972
Email:  dexxienewton[at]


Listed on
9 September 2017

Advert:  OAKWOLD Flock

Ram lambs for sale, 2 moorit, 1 black ram lamb (may turn grey).

Sired by SSS approved rams.

Cliked, used to ponies and cattle.



  Newcastle / DURHAM

Name: Sue Nichol / Rod Elwood
Phone: 07791 043332 or  01207 271831
Email:  susannichol[at]


Listed on
12 Aug 2017

Advert: LINTZ GREEN Flock

Registered pedigree stock available.
Moorit Shearling ewes and one ram + adult ewes for sale.
Some adult ewes will be available with lambs @ foot.
Ideal for starter flocks.
Transport within a reasonable distance available if required.
Bucket Trained and easy to handle
Please ring any time to discuss.





Name: Fiona Hopper
Phone: 07802 578629
Email: fiona.jayne77[at]


Listed on
5 Aug 2017

Advert: BISHOPTON Flock

Bishopton Shetlands gimmer and tup lambs for sale. Moorit and katmoget with Rivendell blood lines born 2017. Quiet and easy to handle.

North East England could deliver locally if needed.






Name: Andrew Bowden
Phone: 01285 821067


Advert:  WATERSHED Flock - sixth generation Registered

We have some good young rams available.Also a few ewes, shearling ewes and ewe lambs.

Registered Flock. Prizewinners at Three Counties and Berkley. Various colours. Good healthy stock: excellent fleeces.






Name: Lynne Peachey
Phone:  07812 812322
Email:  fairviewshetlands[at]


Listed on
16 October 2017

Advert:  FAIRVIEW Flock

2017 Ram Lamb for sale, Gloucestershire  GL14 1JX.

This is Fairview Bixter, a 2017 ram lamb whose Sire is Island Robbie; Dam Severn View Outlaw. He is a well grown lad with a good moorit fleece. Up to date with Heptavac and wormer.  He has to go to make way for a new boy.


Please call me to view







Location: Welwyn, HERTFORDSHIRE

Name: Naoko Shimizu
Phone: 07805 615377
Email:  rableyheath[at]


Listed on
9 September 2017

Advert:  TWIN OAKS Flock

Polled ram for sale

Dark Drey Katmoget

Smali Dennis 061333 Born 07/04/13 (single)










Location: EAST KENT

Name: Peter Smith
Phone: 07711 648 255
Facebook: Chalksoleshetlandsheep                                                          


Advert:  CHALKSOLE Flock

Pedigree stock available. Moorit, black, grey and fawn katmoget and gulmoget adult and lamb ewes. Rams and ram lambs also available.

All sheep are friendly and bucket trained.

Starter flocks and after sales advice available.

Transport within a reasonable distance available if required.






 Location: Brigsley nr Grimsby, LINCOLNSHIRE

Name: Ian Stark
Phone: 07976 513232
Email:  i.stark[at]


Listed on
20 August 2017

Advert:  BRIGSLEY Flock

For sale Brigsley Tom and Brigsley Richard – both born 2014. Both have sired some lovely lambs.
Also  a  yet to be registered 1 year old Ram – lovely brown faced – showing great potential and ready to be put to work.






Name: Ruth & David Strickland Wright
Phone: 07989 160602
Email:  ruth.artscope[at]


Listed on
2 July 2017

Advert:  BRATTLEBY Flock

1 Beautiful black ram lamb for sale (Comet)
3 white / black eyes patches and markings ram lambs for sale (Alfie & Tennyson & Burdoch Jnr)

1 katmoget ewe lamb for sale (Blossom)
2 white / black eye patches and markings ewe lambs for sale (Snowdrop & Aconite)
1 grey/striped eyes ewe lamb for sale (June)
Lambs all named by our children!
(All Heptavac P vaccinated).






Location: NORFOLK

Name: Cheryl Griffiths
Phone: 07796 223 354



Advert:  BREAGHA Flock

Large selection of show-quality stock, available throughout the year.

Shearling ewes, rams, ewes with lambs at foot, and lambs when weaned.

Beautiful fleeces, large variety of colours and ages.

Bloodlines from five rams - Ashby Frodo, Highfield Donald, Tallyheath Nick, Tilney Charlie & Pursus.

Friendly, bucket trained and used to dog work.

Ideal starter flocks.

Transport can be negotiated within reasonable distance.

After-sales advice readily given.








Name: Lynne & David White
Phone:  07599 238621
Email:  ashbyshetlands[at]


Listed on
1 October 2017

Advert:  ASHBY Flock

Ashby Jack (067254) is available for sale for breeding this Autumn. He has a great fleece, good conformation and a quiet friendly nature. A grey katmoget, from championship winning lines, who is halter trained. Jack would add great fleece and conformation to a flock. £95.00

We also have approx. four 3 - 5 year old breeding ewes remaining for sale, moorit and katmoget. Friendly, haltered trained ewes that have successfully bred. £85 each.

No obligation visits are welcome. We are based in Northants, close to the Warwickshire & Leics borders, and 10 mins from junction 18 of the M1.

E mail or telephone for further details.













Name: Christine Page
Phone: 01547 530955



Advert:  SMILING flock

We have been breeding Shetland sheep since 2006, selecting for robust health & maternal traits as well as colours, patterns and top quality fleeces. As we run an organic system it is important to us that our ewes can lamb unaided and raise strong, healthy lambs without the need to routinely dose with chemical wormers. To develop and support a strong immune system we graze our sheep in special fields of herbs containing natural anthelmintics.

We now run a closed flock of various colours and patterns, using rams of three different bloodlines to ensure diversity and continued health of the flock. The flock is also free from foot rot.

Seasonally we have ewe lambs (£60 each) and ram lambs (£75 each) available and occasionally shearling ewes (£75 each).

We are always happy for people to visit and meet our friendly flock, with no obligation.

See more at and also on Twitter @smilingtreefarm or on Facebook: Smiling Tree Farm



Location: Shrewsbury, SHROPSHIRE

Name: Clare Horgan
Phone:  01743 709264
Email:  clare[at]

Listed on
17 June 2017

Advert:  HAUGHMOND flock

Shearling ram 'Haughmond St. John' is looking for a home. This moorit ram with good horns and fine fleece was reserve champion at Tenbury Wells show last year when shown as a lamb. He was put with 7 ewes last autumn and sired 5 sets of twins and 2 singles. He is from good bloodlines, Haughmond, Ewingston, Mendlesham etc and his pedigree can be viewed on the SSS website, registration number 063903.






Location: SOMERSET

Name: Lisa Williams
Phone: 07894 532375


Advert: MALLOWS  Flock

Pedigree Registered Flock of predominantly grey katmogets for sale with fawn katmogets, moorits and blacks occasionally for sale. Lambs, shearlings and rams. Lambs are sired by approved ram stock.

From Cluniac, Hillend and Creedy lines amongst others and many from top prize winning parents and most have had their fleeces micron tested in America.

Most of our sheep are halter trained and all are bucket trained. If you particularly want halter trained sheep, please contact us to arrange us to train the sheep prior to collection.

All sheep are on the Heptavac P plus system and will be wormed and fly-sprayed ready for their new home as well as coming with an information pack detailing treatment dates, their pedigree certificate and any other information necessary. We will also provide advice after sale.




Name: Heather or Graham Chaplin
Phone: 01823 601625


Advert: The Postlebury Flock, established in 1988, is reducing in size to accommodate increased work commitments, and has the following sheep for sale:

Fawn katmoget shearling ram with good fleece and horns.We are hoping to have him inspected before he is sold. He has not yet been used.

We have three older rams, any of which are available if required – fawn katmoget, shaela gulmoget (both Approved) and a black ram. All three have bred well.   

12 x 2015 shearling ewes in a variety of colours, including moorit and black.  

A small number of 2016 ewe lambs, including grey katmoget and gulmoget.  

We are reducing the size of our flock and are offering the above for sale at reasonable prices to good homes. Delivery can be arranged up to 30 miles from Taunton.

All sheep are registered, vaccinated and regularly wormed.


Location: Near Shepton Mallett, SOMERSET

Name: Lesley Beazer
Phone:  01749 831182
Email:   beazerlesley[at]

Listed on
1 October 2017

Advert: HILLEND Flock

Four black shearlings for sale. All have fine fleeces and are tame. Available to put to the tup in November. £70 each.

Also, four black ewe lambs and four moorit ewe lambs born in April and May. £60 each.

All will come to the bucket or by dog.

I am near Shepton Mallett. Somerset.







Name: Sue Green & Alison Worrall
Phone: 07989 268096




Quality pedigree breeding stock available all year round - all eligible to be registered.
A range of colours and multi-coloured. Excellent conformation and fleeces.
Starter flocks available - all ages -shearling ewes, ewe lambs, wethers, and ewes with lambs afoot.

Sires: Hillview Albert (056364 - Black flecket yuglet),    Cleulow Shadow (051447 - Fawn Katmoget) and Ashby Homer (062946 - Fawn Katmoget)
All enquiries welcome - please come and visit us. Delivery possible.

Shetland fleece also available - all colours except plain white -  we spin, knit, felt & weave so happy to advise on most suitable fleeces.










Location: Westfield, East SUSSEX

Name: Sarah Hunter
Phone: 01334 477916
Email: sarahhunter123[at]

Listed on
1 October 2017

Advert: FROG FIRLE Flock

A good home needed for my 12 Shetland sheep.
Sadly, due to relocation, I am unable to keep them anymore.  They are all registered, 6 ewes born 2010, 4 ewes born 2012, 2 wethers born 2012.  Mostly Moorit and 1 Black.  Very friendly and inquisitive!  They are free to the right person but will need to be collected from Westfield, East Sussex as I don’t have a trailer anymore.

I also have good quality hurdles, electric fencing and hay feeders for sale if required.




Location: East SUSSEX, Near Hastings

Name: Jayne Butters
Email: buttersjayne[at]

Listed on
24 September 2017

Advert: WEATHER Mt Flock

We have for sale a ram who has served us well and is now due to pass on to pastures new.  ROBAN FELIX 059739, born 7 May 2013,  is a fine fleeced moorit gulmoget.  Price is £80 or near offer..






Name: Jean Curtis
Phone: 01985 215179  mob. 0754 347 8298



Established in 1987 I specialise in Starter Flocks and welcome new breeders to visit my Shetlands.

Always very happy to help with ongoing advice.

For Sale
3 registered ewe lambs.
Price negotiable please ring to discuss.





Name: Helen and Richard Allan
Phone: 01225 781657


Advert: THORSGILL Flock

Quality pedigree breeding stock available all year round. Primarily white (Rench lines) but also black and katmogets. Excellent conformation and fleeces. Starter flocks. Shetland teaser rams. All young-stock registered organic (Soil Association). All enquiries welcome.

August 2016: Quality Rams, shearling ewes and ewe lambs for sale.




Location: WILTSHIRE, between Salisbury & Shaftesbury

Name: Trish Gray
Phone: 01722 714382 or 07902 226603



For sale now are delightful weaned pedigree ewe lambs, from four different tups, in a variety of colours.  Most are of show quality & friendly. They have beautiful fleeces & our shorn & rooed fleeces win when shown.

We have very few ram lambs left, however we always have mature & shearling well behaved rams from several different bloodlines, capable of producing lambs with patterns & markings, as well as Shetland Sheep Society approved rams.

Visitors are very welcome & we are happy to provide after sales advice if it is wished.

We can deliver at cost.





Name: Lucy Pitman
Phone:  01985 847408 or 07810 788253
Email:   lucypitman[at]

Listed on
19 Sept 2017


1 ram – Mandeville Cusp (sire Linjoy Vellagro) b. April 2016 (twin) black, beautiful wool, well mannered.

Used very successfully on 6 first time ewes for 2017 lambing; produced 3 sets twins, 3 singles - 7 black, 2 katmoget - all born in the same week, 7 ewe & 2 ram lambs.

1 ram lamb – (sire Mandeville Cusp) b. 1/5/17 black, twin, horns looking good. Will be registered prior to sale.

7 ewe lambs – 6 black, 1 fawn katmoget. All growing well, very friendly (with and without bucket) and some lovely wool.

Due to limited available land we sadly can’t keep them all.






Name: Mary Lambert
Phone:  07592 404966
Email:   Maryjlambert[at]

Listed on
21 Jul 2017

Advert: SORELLS FARM Flock

2 young rams for sale (£110 each) or exchange for similar.

Winston with a micron count of 23.00 and a staplelength of 80cms

Ken with a micron count of 21.00 and a staple length of 100cms

Both on HeptovacP sysgem, bucket trained and both have produced good lambs of various colours.  Not wormed as vet notes very low flock worm count.  Both are accustomed to being tethered for foot trimming.  They can be seen by arrangement at our smallholding in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Sorrell's Farm Winston - Registered as grey.  Now light grey

Was rooed last April.  Born 10th May 2016.  Good temperament.  Winston was born a sturdy single lamb (hence his name)  and has remained a good sized boy.

Sorrell's Farm Ken - Mioget yuglet

Born 5th May 2016, one of twins.   His twin "Isla" also has an excellent micron count and will be retained by us to become of our breeding flock.   Good temperament with us but less friendly with our ocassional helper.   We find it pays to make friends with him but be firm with him and we have no problems with him.








Name: Malcolm Scott
Phone: 01886 833526
Email:  m.c.scott[at]

Listed on
29 August 2017

Advert:  IMLAY Flock

For sale, three ewe lambs from Smiling Tree farm parent stock, which
will be registered when the new owner chooses their names.

One is white, the second a white liget and the third a light-grey sokket
bleset. £55.00 each.

We are five miles from Malvern and Worcester.







Location: Dewsbury, West YORKSHIRE

Name: Janet Finlay
Phone:  01924 458535 or 07740 423646
Email:   janetfinlay[at]

Listed on
17 July 2017

Advert:  THORNEDGE flock

Registered Shetlands for sale. White, black, patterned 2016 gimmers, grey and black 2015 shearlings (not yet bred) and 2013/2014 ewes (white, black, moorit, grey, patterned). From excellent breeding lines. Also a number of Shetland wethers available and older ewes looking for retirement homes. 

All up to date with Heptavac P, worming and flystrike prevention and bucket trained.

We need to reduce our flock and are open to reasonable offers from good homes!

Delivery at cost possible within 40 miles of Dewsbury.



Location: Harrogate, North YORKSHIRE

Name: Lily Dobson
Phone:  07713790570
Email:   m[at]

Listed on
28 July 2017


Advert:  BECKSIDE flock

A range of markings of shetland tup and wether lambs.

All bucket trained and friendly, two halter trained as they were shown, one placed.

Would be good for breeding but would also make good pets or lawnmowers as are all very friendly.







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