Sheep Registrations

Sheep Registrations & Society Flock Book

Registrations for the 2018 Flock Book/Volume 45 close at the end of November - any registrations received after end November automatically go into the next volume. In addition to the excellent on-line Flock Book a paper-copy version is printed annually in January - it contains the details of all Shetland sheep registered during the year, together with rams inspected and approved, plus some interesting statistics on the SSS Flock in general. It cost £12 inc.p&p and is only available to members by ordering a copy (before November 30th) from the Registrations Secretary via the Registrations Application Form



The Society keeps full pedigree records for all registered sheep, but it is the responsibility of each member to keep accurate records of all Shetlands owned by them so as to enable the breeding of all sheep in the flock to be known. It is also the responsibility of members to ensure that they are selling on only registered sheep, one exception might be animals that are destined for slaughter.

It is very important for anyone new to Shetland sheep that they purchase only fully registered sheep if they in turn wish to breed from their flock and sell on the progeny. A green Society pedigree form should accompany the purchased sheep.

Registration Application

A sheep that is eligible for registration on the main register (see the Society's Registration Regulations) can be registered at any age, even after death, if this proves necessary when deciding to register generations further down the line. A Registration Application Form and REGISTRATION APPLICATION NOTES & DECLARATION sheet is available to download by clicking here or on request from the Registration Secretary, details on the Contact Us page.

Details, as requested at the top of the form, should be completed, then list the animals to be registered (females first) filling in the columns across the page. The column causing the most queries is S Tw Tr - it stands for Single, Twin or Triplet. The application form must be signed in the declaration box and the appropriate fees paid. Application forms may be sent via email to the Registrations Secretary for processing but pedigrees are not dispatched until a signed form and fees have been received in the post.


Lost or worn registered tags should always be replaced, preferably with an identical tag or as required by statute. Any retag involving a number different to that originally recorded must be notified to the Registrations Secretary or the sheep will effectively become de-registered because the new ear tag will not appear in the Society's records. Details of the old tag and the replacement tag, along with the sheep's registration number/full name should be sent in together with £1 postage + 25p/retag. A new pedigree is then issued showing both the old and new eartag numbers.

Transfers & Deaths

A database is only as good as the information it holds, and to ensure that ours is as up-to-date as possible Society members are requested to advise the Registration Secretary, using the Transfer/Death Form, of any transfers of registered sheep in or out of their flock, and any deaths. Such information may also be sent by email. The database is also updated when sheep are registered, hence it is important to say on the registration application form whether you actually owned the ram used or had him on loan.

Any sheep on the database that is not bred from over a 3 year period is assumed dead, but is easily 'resurrected' should the need arise! A member may, at any time, request from the Registration Secretary a list showing their flock/sheep details held on the database.