Show & Sale Reports

Reports from the 2017 Shows & Sales:

Classified results for Sedgemoor September 2017

Wednesday 20 Sept NSAS Classes
Judge Suzanne Meikle

Formakin  Cup - Best Katmoget Shetland Sheep

1st Mr D & Mrs L White
2nd Ms J Butters
3rd Mr J Stevens
4th Mrs D Huxter

Robin & Kate Sharp Quaich - Best Grey Shetland Sheep

1st Miss L Bushnell
2nd Miss L Bushnell
3rd Ms J Butters
4th Mrs V Girardot

Russo Rose Bowl - Best Moorit Shetland Sheep

1st Dr M & Mrs T Gray
2nd Mr D & Mrs L White
3rd Ms P Goodlad
4th Mrs L Beazer

Salver - Best Black Shetland Sheep

1st Mr D & Mrs L White
2nd Mr J Steven
3rd Mrs L Beazer
4th Mrs R Norton

Sonje Lane Trophy - Best Gulmoget Shetland Sheep

1st Mrs V Girardot

St Baldreds Quaich - Best White Shetland Sheep

1st Mrs D Huxter
2nd Mr J Steven
3rd Ms J Butters

New Crowland Cup - Best Patterned Sheep

1st Mrs V Girardot
2nd Dr M & Mrs T Gray

Best Sheep of the day

Mr D & Mrs L White with a Grey Katmoget

Thursday 21st Sep
Judge Philip Cowan
Sheep Classes

Class 1 - Ewe. Two years & over also to have bred lambs in 2017.

1st Mr D & Mrs L White
2nd Mr J Steven
3rd Ms J Butters
4th Mrs L Beazer
5th Mrs V Girardot
6th Mrs V Girardot

Class 2 - Ewe. Shearling.

1st Mrs R Norton
2nd Mrs R Norton
3rd Mrs L Beazer
4th Miss T Gay
5th Miss L Bushnell
6th Mrs V Girardot

Class 3 - Ewe. Lamb.

1st Mr D &. Mrs L White
2nd Mrs V Girardot
3rd Miss L Bushnell
4th  not  recorded
5th Dr M & Mrs T Gray
6th Mr J P Turner

Class 4 - Ram. Two years & over.

1st Mr D & Mrs L White
2nd Mrs V Girardot
3rd Ms M Reed
4th Ms M Reed

Class 5 - Ram. Shearling.

1st Mrs L Beazer
2nd Mr D A Humphreys
3rd Mrs R Norton
4th  not  recorded
5th Ms J Butters
6th Miss L Bushnell

Class 6 - Ram. Lamb.

1st Mr J Steven
2nd Mrs V Girardot
3rd Mr J P Turner
4th Mr C Ardron
5th Ms P Goodlad

Breed Champion

Mr D & Mrs L White   Ashby Imogen Grey Katmoget

Reserve Breed Champion

Mrs R Norton Roban Fionna Black

Wool on hoof
Judge Rena Douglas

Class 7 - Adults

1st Mr D & Mrs L White
2nd Mr D A Humphreys
3rd Mrs L Beazer
4th Miss L Bushnell
5th Miss L Bushnell
6th Mrs L Beazer

Class 8 - Lambs

1st Mrs V Girardot
2nd Ms J Butters
3rd Mr J Steven
4th Mrs V Girardot
5th Mr D & Mrs L White
6th Mr D A Humphreys

Champion wool on hoof

Mrs V Girardot  Down Acres Cromarty, Grey Katmoget

Reserve Champion wool on hoof

Mr D & Mrs L White  Ashby Ilya, Grey Katmoget

Best Grey or Fawn Wool on Hoof

Mr D & Mrs L White

Best Black Wool on Hoof

Mr D A Humphreys

Craft Competition
Judge Mrs J Hardman

Class 9 - Hand Spun Item

1st Val Bloom.
2nd Lenice Bell
3rd Lynne Peachey
4th Lynne Peachey
5th Lynne Peachey
6th Viv Girardot

Class 10 - Machine Spun Item

1st Sue Petrie
2nd Margaret Doull
3rd Sue Petrie
4th Clunny Chapman
5th Gillian Wakeling
6th Clunny Chapman

Class 11 - Felted item

1st Carol Fewings
2nd Carol Fewings
3rd Trish Gray
4th Trish Gray

Class 12 - Woven item

1st Sue Petrie
2nd Val Bloom
3rd Viv Girardot
4th Matthew Chapman
5th Paula Goodlad
6th Paula Goodlad

Class 13 - Crochet item

1st Lenice Bell
2nd Gillian Wakeling

Class 14 - Best item made from Shetland Horn 2016 or 2017

Rena Douglas

Champion Craft

Sue Petrie

Reserve Champion

Carol Fewings

Fleece Competition
Judge Mrs Sue Petrie

Class 15 - White

1st Andrew & Ellen Bain
2nd Lenice Bell
3rd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
4th Rena Douglas
5th Rena Douglas
6th Kate Sharp & Alan Hill

Class 16 - Black

1st Dodie Huxter
2nd Trish Gray
3rd Jean Ayers
4th Lenice Bell
5th Lesley Beazer

Class 17 - Moorit

1st Carol Fewings
2nd Dodie Huxter
3rd Dodie Hunter
4th Lesley Beazer

Class 18 - Grey

1st Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
2nd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
3rd Rena Douglas
4th Lenice Bell
5th Dodie Huxter
6th Viv Girardot

Class 19 - Patterned

1st Jean Ayers
2nd Trish Gray
3rd Trish Gray
4th Lesley Beazer

Class 20 - Rooed Fleece

1st Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
2nd Gillian Wakeling
3rd Lynne Peachy
4th Gillian Wakeling
5th Gillian Wakeling
6th Kate Sharp & Alan Hill

Champion Fleece

Kate Sharp & Alan Hill

Reserve Champion Fleece

Dodie Huxter

Sheepskin Competition
Judge Mr Chris Worth

Class 21 - Whole Colour

1st Trish Gray
2nd Viv Girardot
3rd Lynne Peachey
4th Samantha Marsden
5th Samantha Marsden

Class 22 - Patterned

1st Trish Gray
2nd Trish Gray
3rd Trish Gray
4th Viv Girardot
5th T Gaye
6th Trish Gray

Champion Sheepskin

Trish Gray

Reserve Champion

Trish Gray


Reports from the 2016 Shows & Sales:

Classified results for Sedgemoor September 2016

Judge.   Mrs K. Sharp.
Ewe two years and over and have lambed 2016.

1st Ms P Goodlad.                      Quendale    Xandra.           Moori
2nd Messrs R & D Huxter.         South. Ham. Kindly.           Black
3rd. Ms P  Goodlad.                   Weathermount Seren.        Moorit. Kronet
4th Mrs                                        Pennyhays. Susan              Fawn Katmoget

Ewe. Shearling

1st Mrs D L Bell.                         Todhill. Anemone.              Black
2nd Mrs D  Bell.                          Todhill. Autumn.                 Black
3rd. Messr. R & D Huxter.          South. Ham. Lupin.           Moorit
4th Mrs L A Beazer.                    Hiillend  Dolly.                   Black
5th Mrs  L A Beazer.                   Hillend.   Dina.                   Moorit Katmoget
6th Mrs M Reed.                         PennyHayes. Merry.         Lt. Grey Katmoget

Ewe lamb.                    

1 st   Mrs V Girardot                    Downacres. Daisy.              Black
2nd. Ms L Bushnell.                     Linjoy  Valour.                      Grey
3rd.  Mr C Ardon.                         Enfield Bryony.                    Moorit
4th MrsV Girardot                        Downacres. Dotty.              Black Shaela
5th. Mrs P Goodlad.                    Quendale. Zeida.                 Moorit Katmoget
6th Mrs. M Reed.                         Pennyhayes. Lyra.               Black

Best Ewe Lamb  Mrs V Giradot            Hillend.  Trophy

Ram two years and over
1st  WP & J Wood                        Greenlands.  Woodbine     Moorit. Katmoget
2nd Mrs M Reed.                          Pennyhayes Camb.            Moorit

Ram Shearling
1st Mrs G Wakeling                      Pretty Oak Jasper.              Black
2nd Mrs D L Bell.                          Todhill.  Zeus.                     Black
3rd Mrs D Williams.                       Walwell. Oliver.                  Black. Katmoget
4th Mr A Ardon.                            Enfield Belmiro.                  Grey  Katmoget
5th Mrs R Norton.                         Rohan Flynn.                       Grey
6th Mrs G Wakeling.                     Pretty Oak  Talkin.              White

Ram Lamb
1st Mr& Mrs R&D Huxter.             South Ham Morganst.       Grey  Katmoget
2nd Ms L Bushnell                         Linjoy  Lucas.                     Black
3rd Ms. L Bushnell.                        Linjoy.  Bandit.                    Grey
4th Mr J. Ardon.                             Enfield.  Lime.                     Katmoget
5th Mrs V Girardot.                        Downacres  Donald

Best ram lamb.
Mr Mrs R & D Huxter.                    South Ham Morganst.        Grey Katmoget

Breed Champion                           St Baldreds Trophy
Mrs G Wakeling                              Pretty Oak Jasper.              Black

Reserve Breed Champion           Spalford Quaich Trophy
Mrs V Girardot.                             Downacres  Daisy.

Judge. Mrs S Petrie.
Wool on hoof.  Adult.

1st Mr C Ardon.                            Enfield   Belmiro.                 Grey Katmoget
2nd Mr Mrs R & D Huxter.          South  Ham  Lupin.              Moorit
3rd Mrs D Williams.                     Willwell  Oliver.                     Black. Katmoget
4th Messrs R & D Huxter.          South Ham Kindly.                Black.        
5th Mrs M Reed                          Pennyhayes  Asian.               Grey Smirsley

Wool on hoof Lamb

1st Ms L Bushnell                        Linjoy  Lucas                        Black
2nd Mrs P Goodlad                     Quendale. Zany.                  Moorit. Katmoget
3rd Messrs R & D Huxter.          South Ham Mel.                   Grey  Katmoget
4th Ms L  Bushnell                       Linjoy.  Bandit.                     Grey
5th Messrs. R & D Huxter.          South. Ham Morganst.        Grey Katmoget
6th Ms P Goodlad.                       Quendale.   Zelda.               Moorit Katmoget

Wool on hoof Champion
Mr C Ardon                                  Enfield  Belmiro                     Grey. Katmoget

Wool on Hoof Reserve Champion
Ms L Bushnell                             Linjoy  Lucas.                           Black

Wool on Hoof best Grey or Fawn   Hillend.  Trophy.
Ms. L. Bushnell                            Linjoy    Bandit.                       Grey

Judge  Mrs M Lambert.

Handspun.                                   Machine Spun
1st. Carolyn. Gill.                       1st Gilly Wakeling
2nd Jane  Bisset.                      2nd Gilly. Wakeling
3rd. Kate. Sharp.                       3rd Dodie Huxter
4th Sue. Petrie.                         4th Sally wild
5th Carolyn. Gill.                        5th Sue Petrie
6th Viv. Girardot                        6th Gilly. Wakeling

Felted Item.                                 Woven Item
1st Carol Fewings.                      1st Jean Ayres
2nd Trish Gray.                           2nd Paula  Goodlad
3rd Viv Girardot.                         3rd Gilly. Wakeling
4th Trish Gray.                            4th Paula Goodlad
5th Trish Gray.                            5th Paula Goodlad
6thGilly Wakeling

Lace Items
1st. Ellen Bain
2nd Gilly Wakeling.

Champion Craft                          Seaxpenne. Trophy
Carolyn. Gill.

Reserve Champion Craft
Gilly. Wakeling.

Best item made from Shetland. Horn.
1st Kate Sharp.

Fleece Competition
Judge Mrs L Bell
White.                                              Black
1st   Dodie Huxter.                          1st Sue Petrie
2nd Dodie Huxter.                          2nd Dodie Huxter

Moorit.                                             Patterned
1st  Mary  Gibbings.                        1st Mary Gibbings
2nd Mary Gibbings.                        2nd Dodie Huxter
3rd Mary. Gibbings.                        3rd Mary Gibbings
4th Dodie Huxter.                           4th Viv Girardot
5th Sue Petrie.                                5th Trish Gray
6th Paula Goodlad.                         6th Sue Petrie

Rooed. Fleece
1st   Gilly Wakeling
2nd Gilly Wakeling
3rd. Gilly Wakeling
4th. Gilly Wakeling
5th Carolyn  Gill
6th Gilly Wakeling

Fleece Champion
Mary. Gibbings

Reserve Fleece Champion
Sue. Petrie.

Shetland SheepSkins
Judge Geoff. Woods

Whole Colours
1stJean  Ayers
2nd Trish Grey
3rd D  Williams
4th Mary Gibbings
5th Mary Gibbings
6th Mary Gibbings

Patterned skins
1st Viv Girardot
2nd Trish Gray
3rd Jean Ayers
4th Jean Ayers
5th Trish Gray
6th Mary Gibbings

Champion Sheepskin
Jean. Ayers

Reserve Champion Sheepskin
Viv Girardot .


Reports from the 2015 Shows & Sales:


Melton Mowbray

Shetland Sheep Society Show & Sale 2015

Results of Traditional Breeds National Show & Sale - 2015 Shetland Sheep


Breed Champion

327 UK0370275/00096 Southbrook Lucinda JJ & VA Bloom


Reserve Champion

937 UK0226241-00121 Shepherdsgate Herbert Mr George Collison



1st 341 UK0562689-00131 Ewingston Hibiscus Mr George Collison

2nd 346 UK0183377-00063 Heatheram Peachy A J Bennett

3rd 352 UK0169925-00033 Great Moor Jubilee Chrissie Ringrose


Shearling Ewe

1st 327 UK0370275/00096 Southbrook Lucinda JJ & VA Bloom

2nd 345 UK0183377-00114 Heatheram Sally A J Bennett

3rd 365 UK0563417-00269 Brae Genie Arbuckle & Meikle

4th 359 UK0204496-00180 Ashby Hermes Lynne & David White

5th 358 UK0224477/00035 Mendlesham Betony Mrs C Clement Smith

6th 353 UK0286655-00218 Coney Grey Tessa Helen Brewis


Ewe Lamb

1st 437 UK0286655-00287 Coney Grey Utopia Helen Brewis

2nd 439 UK0286655-00269 Coney Grey Umeko Helen Brewis

3rd 419 UK0286503-00211 Hillview Pearl Tracy Gray

4th 418 UK0286503-00210 Hillview Amber Tracy Gray

5th 415 UK0370275/00102 Southbrook Meshindi JJ & VABloom

6th 400 UK034190100092 Halfway Tao Sue Thwaites



1st 937 UK0226241-00121 Shepherdsgate Herbert Mr George Collison

1st 942 UK0204496-00188 Ashby Harry Lynne & David White

2nd 944 UK0370275/00087 Southbrook Lomond JJ & VA Bloom

3rd 943 UK0370275/00084 Southbrook Logan JJ & VA Bloom

4th 941 UK0286655-00210 Coney Grey Theodin Helen Brewis

5th 935 UK0147076-00150 Highfield Fulford Mrs ClunyChapman

6th 940 UK0701881-00133 Damman Nevill M & N Adam


Ram Lamb

1st 945 UK0370275/00099 Southbrook Mackenzie JJ & VA Bloom

2nd 954 UK0316181/00003 Mendlesham Campion Mrs C Clement Smith

3rd 949 UK0563497/01333 Greenacre Magic Mr & Mrs A Bain

4th 947 UK0265268/00098 Northdown Ethan Peter Russo

5th 946 UK0265268/00097 Northdown Owen Peter Russo

6th 952 UK0271066-00091 Chalksole Aragorn Peter Smith


Shetland Sheep Sale

Ewe No sold : 24 Top Price : 125.00 gns Ave Price: £ 59.15

Shearling Ewe No sold : 6 Top Price : 160.00 gns Ave Price : £ 94.15

Ewe Lamb No sold : 58 Top Price : 105.00 gns Ave Price : £ 52.72

Ram No sold : 7 Top Price : 155.00 gns Ave Price : £ 79.20



Shetland Sheep Society Show & Sale 2015


Ewe two years and over and have lambed in 2015.
1st. Ms J Butters.         Weather Mt. Ffion                       Judge Mrs C Muddiman
2nd Mrs L Beazer.         Enfield Carena
3rd. Mr J.  Stevens.       Nigella of Breoch
4th. Mrs L Beazer.         Hillend.  Breakister
5th. Mrs. A Tuckett.      Hardicott. Dubonnet

Ewe Shearling
1st  Mr J Stevens.        Rosebank  Osprey
2nd. Ms J Butters.       Weather Mt Nia
3rd.  Mrs A Tuckett.      Hardicott  Galena

Ewe Lamb
1st Mrs J Curtis              Willowcroft.  Ysabez
2nd Mrs L Beazer.          Hillend Dilys
3rd. Mrs L. Beazer.         Hillend. Dora
4th. Mrs. A Tuckett.        Hardicott  Cathy
5th Ms.  L  Williams.       Mallows. Alaska
6th Mrs  J. Curtis.           Willowcroft    Florabel

Ram Two years and over
1st. Ms J Butters.           Weather  Mt Cwyn
2nd. Ms H Ebsary.          Pretty Oak Coulter

Ram Shearling
1st Mrs  L Beazer.           Hillend  Charcoal
2nd Mr   J Stevens.         Rosebank Obama
3rd. Mrs. L Beazer.          Hillend.  Cobweb
4th. Mrs  A Tuckett.         Hardicott. Gerald
5th Mr R  Mason.             Hardicott   Chieftan
6th Ms H Ebsary.             Hawkridge.  Ace

Ram Lamb
1st Mr J Stevens.            Rosebank. Paul
2nd Ms J Butters.            Weather  Mt Greg
3rd Mrs A Tuckett.           Hardicott  Jester
4th Ms  H Ebsary.            Hawkridge  Bruon

Breed Champion
Ms. J Butters                  Weather Mt. Ffion

Reserve Champion
Mrs L Beazer.                 Hillend. Charcoal

Best Ram
Mrs L Beazer.                 Hillend. Charcoal

Best Adult Ewe
Ms J Butters.                 Weather  Mt Ffion

Best Ram lamb
Mr J Stevens.                 Rosebank.  Paul

Best Ewe  lamb
Mrs J Curtis.                   Willowcroft. Ysabez

Wool on Hoof.                                                               Judge  Mrs L Bell
1st Mr J Stevens.         Nigella. Of Breoch
2nd. Ms H Ebsary.         Pretty oak. Coulter
3rd  Ms  J Butters.         Weather.  Mt. Ffion
4th Ms. H. Ebsary.         Hawkridge.  Ace

1st  Mrs J Curtis.          Willowcroft.  Florabel
2nd Ms. J Butters.        Weather. Mt. Greg
3rd Mrs  A Tuckett.        Hardicott.  Quinn
4th Mrs. J Curtis.           Willowcroft.  Shona

Champion Wool on Hoof
Mrs J Curtis.                Willowcroft    Florabel

Reserve Champion
Mr J Stevens.              Nigella. Of. Breoch

Craft Competition.                                                   Judge Mrs. D Willey.
1st.  Mrs. Bissett
2nd. Mr A wilson

Machine spun
1st Mrs G Wakeling
2nd Mrs G Wakeling
3rd Mr A Wilson
4th Mr A Wilson
5th Mrs. G Wakeling
6th Ms J Butters

Felted item
1st Mrs C Fewings
2nd Mrs T Gray

Lace Item
1st Mr A Wilson
2nd Mrs. G Wakeling

Best item made from Shetland Horn
Kate Sharp & A Hill.

Champion Craft
Mrs C Fewings

Reserve Champion
Mrs Bissett

Fleece. Competition White                       Judge     Mrs  S. Blacker
1st. Mrs. A Tuckett
2nd Mrs L Beazer
3rd Mrs  Bissett

1st Mrs C Francis
2nd Mrs L Beazer
3rd Mrs L Beazer
4th Mrs M Gibbings
5th Mrs A Tuckett
6th Mrs C Fewings

1st Mrs M Gibbings
2nd Mrs L Beazer
3rd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
4th Mrs C Francis
5th Mrs C Fewings

1st Mrs A Tuckett
2nd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill

Joint First
1stMary Gibbings
1stTrish Gray
3rd Mary Gibbings
4th Trish Gray
5th A Tuckett
5th  Bissett

Rooed  Fleece
1st Gilly Wakeling
2nd L Beazer
3rd. Gilly Wakeling
4th Trish Gray
5th L Beazer
6th C. Gill.

Champion Fleece
Mary. Gibbings

Reserve Fleece Champion
Trish  Gray

Sheepskins Competition.                      Judge        Mr P Robinson.
Whole Colour
1st Mary  Gibbings
2nd Mary Gibbings
3rd Trish Gray
4th Gilly Wakeling

1st Trish Gray
2nd Trish Gray
3rd Trish Gray
4th Trish Gray
5th Mary. Gibbings
6th Gilly Wakeling

Sheepskin Champion
Mary. Gibbings

Sheepskin Reserve Champion
Trish Gray




Shetland Sheep Society National Show & Sale 2015


The craft competition was judged by Dodie Huxter.  The friends of Lanark Group would like to extend a big thanks to Dodie who had a lot of items to judge on the day as well as to everyone to entered items into the competition.  Here's hoping even more of us have been inspired to enter next year.

Class One:  25gm hand-spun wool undyed
All entries were weighed!

1st   Rena Douglas
2nd  Hazel Syme

Class Two:  25gm hand-spun wool dyed
All entries were weighed.

1st   Rena Douglas
2nd  Hazel Syme

Class Three:  Hand-knitted item

1st   Margaret Arbuckle  (and Reserve Champion craft item)
2nd  Cluny Chapman
3rd   Sally Wild
4th   Cluny Chapman
5th   Jilly Wakeling
6th   Hazel Syme

Class Four:  Machine Knitted item

1st May Wilson

Class Five:  Crocheted item

1st    Suzie Vestri
2nd   Jilly Wakeling

Class Six:   Hand-woven item - no entries forward

Class Seven:  Felted item

1st   Hazel Syme (and Champion craft item)
2nd  Margaret Arbuckle

Class Eight:  Any other item using Shetland or non-Shetland wool or horn)

1st  Mary Gibbings
2nd Cluny Chapman
3rd  Mary Gibbings
4th   Margaret Arbuckle
5th  Cluny Chapman


The fleece competition was judged by Philip Cowan who had some difficult decisions to make owing to the high standard of fleeces forward this year.  The Friends of Lanark Group would like to extend their thanks to Philip for his time and expertise!

Class One:  White

1st     Moira Morrison (and Reserve Champion Fleece)
2nd   Moira Morrison
3rd    Rena Douglas

Class Two:  Black

1st    Kate Sharp
2nd   Fiona Hipwell
3rd    Rena Douglas

Class Three:  Grey

1st    Alan Hill
2nd   Alan Hill

Class Four:  Katmoget

1st    Fiona Hipwell (and Champion Fleece)
2nd  Julie Shearn
3rd   Dodie Huxter

Class Five:  Moorit

1st   Suzanne Meikle
2nd  Kate Sharp
3rd   Julie Shearn



Reports from the 2014 Shows & Sales:



Shetland Sheep Society National Show & Sale 24-25 September 2014

Sale Prices:

Ewe lamb.                 Av 59g.       High 140g.      Low 30g
Ewe two years          Av 94g.        High 150g.      Low 45g
Shearling ewe.          Av 99g.        High 140g.      Low 70g
Ram two years.         Av 106g.      High 170g.      Low 50g
Ram shearling.          Av 140g.      High  230g       Low 60g
Ram lamb.                 Av 103g.      High 150g.       Low 45g

Wednesday   24th September  2014.
NS+ S. Classes of sheep.  Start  time  3-30pm.
Judge.  Mrs  Jean  Curtis.

Formakin  Cup  Best Katmoget
1st    Chrissis  Ringrose
2nd.  John Steven .
3rd.    John Steven

Robin & Kate  Sharp Quaich. Best Grey.
1st  A Hill &. Kate Sharp
2nd Lyn Bushnell
3rd  Tony. Bennett

Russo Rose Bowl.  Best  Moorit
1st. Lesley  Beazer
2nd. Paula. Goodlad
3rd.  Roswitha. Norton.

Salver.   Best. Black
1st.  Roswitha  Norton
2nd. Dodie  Huxter
3rd.  Paula.  Goodlad.

Sonje Lane. Trophy.  Best. Gulmoget
1st.   Roswitha. Norton
2nd.  Dodie   Huxter
3rd   N/F

St. Baldreds  Quaich.    Best White
1st.  Paula. Goodlad
2nd  Hannah Ebsary
3rd.   Natalie. Turner.

Best  Sheep of the day  out of the above classes for special prize.
A. Hill. &  Kate. Sharp

Thursday.  25th  September.  2014.
Judge.  Mr. G. Meikle
Ewe. Two years and over and have breed lambs 2014 .Start time  8-30 am.
1st. John Steven .        ( G Katmoget )
2nd. Paula. Goodlad.   ( black )
3rd. N/F

Ewe. Shearling.
1st.  Lesley  Beazer.             (Moorit )
2nd.  Kate Sharp &. A. Hill.  ( Moorit )
3rd.   Roswitha. Norton        ( Black )
4th.   Roswitha. Norton.        (Black )
5th.   Chrissie.  Ringrose.      ( Katmoget )
6th.   John. Steven.               ( Katmoget. )

Ewe. Lamb.
1st.  Lesley. Beazer.              ( Moorit).        
2nd. Dodie.  Huxter.              (Black )
3rd.  Kate. Sharp. & A Hill.     ( Grey )
4th.   John. Steven.                ( G. Katmoget )
5th.    Mary.  Ardron.               ( G. Katmoget )
6th.    Lesley.  Beazer.             (. Black )

Ram two years and over.
1st.    Colin. Ardron.                ( Katmoget  )
2nd.   Natalie.  Turner.             (. Moorit )
3rd.   Paula  Goodlad.             ( Spotted )
4th.   Tom. Elliott.                    ( Black )
5th.   N/F
6th.   N/F

Ram. Shearling. One year old.
1st.    Carole. Fewings.          ( Moorit )
2nd.   Roswitha. Norton.         (  Black )
3rd.    Lesley   Beazer             (. Black )
4th.    Dodie. Huxter.               ( F. Katmoget. )
5th.    Roswitha.  Norton.        (. Moorit. Gulmoget )
6th.    N/F

Ram. Lamb.
1st.    David  Humphreys & Enda Thomas.   ( Moorit )
2rd.    John. Steven.               ( G. Katmoget  )
3rd.    Jayne. Butters.              ( Moorit )
4th      Paula.  Goodlad.           ( Moorit. )
5th.     Kate. Sharp & A Hill.      (. Grey )
6th.     Mary. Ardron.                  (. G. Katmoget. )

Breed. Champion
John. Steven.     (. G. Katmoget. ).  Ewe.

Reserve. Breed Champion
Lesley. Beazer.    (. Moorit ).  Gimmer.

Breed Champion & Reserve (shown by C. Gill)  Wool on the Hoof Champion & Reserve

Judge.  Mr. Gilbert.  Meikle.

Wool on hoof  Adult
1st     Paula. Goodlad.     (. White )
2nd    Chrissie.  Ringrose.  (G. Katmoget. )
3rd.     Colin.   Ardron.        (. G. Katmoget. )

Wool on hoof. Lamb.
1st.   Mary. Ardron.                      ( G. Katmoget )
2nd.  Kate Sharp. & A Hill.           (. Grey. )
3rd.   Paula. Goodlad.                  (. Moorit )

Champion wool. on hoof
Paula. Goodlad.       (.  White. )
Reserve  Champion. Wool on hoof
Mary. Ardron.            ( G. Katmoget. )

Best grey or fawn
Kate  Sharp. &. A. Hill.
Best. Black.
Lesley  Beazer.

Judge. Mrs  Jenny Arnold.

Craft  Competition. Hand spun  item.
1st.  J. Bisset.
2nd.  Kate. Sharp & A Hill.

Machine. Spun item
1st.  Clunny. Chapman
2nd. Carolyn  Gill
3rd.  Kate Sharp  & A. Hill.

Felted. Item.
1st. Carol. Fewings
2nd  Gillian. Wakeling
3rd.   Carol. Fewings

Woven. Item.
1st. Paula.  Goodlad
2nd. Paula. Goodlad

Lace. Item
1st.  Sue. Petrie
2nd. Gillian. Wakeling
3rd.   Gillian  Wakeling .

Champion  Craft
Carol.  Fewing

Reserve. Champion Craft.
Sue. Petrie.

Judge. Mr. Len  Cox.

Craft. Competition
Best item made from shetland  horn.
Kate  Sharp. &. A. Hill.

Judge Mr Paul. Crookes.

Fleece competition
1st.  Mrs. M  Turner
2nd. Mrs. K.  Sharp  & A. Hill
3rd.  Mrs. D.  Huxter

1st.  Mrs. R.  Pike
2nd.  Mrs. K. Sharp. &  A. Hill
3rd.   Mrs. L. Beazer

1st.   Alastair. Wilson
2nd.   Mrs.  K. Sharp.  & A. Hill
3rd.    Jody. Baker

1st.     Mrs. P. Goodlad
2nd     Mrs. R. Pike
3rd.     Mrs. K. Sharp & A. Hill.

1st.      Mrs. S. Fowler
2nd.     Trish Gray
3rd.      Mrs. C. Francis

Champion. Fleece. Multi      (coloured)
Mrs. S. Fowler
Reserve Fleece Champion    (Black)
Mrs. R. Pike

Rooed. Fleece
Champion.   Mrs  L.  Beazer
Reserve  Fleece  Champion
Mrs. L. Beazer.

Sheepskin.  Competition.
Judge. Mr Peter. Robinson.
Whole.  Colour.
1st  Trish. Gray.        ( black)
2nd  C  Chapman.    (black)
3rd.  M. Gibbings.      (moorit)

1st.  Trish.  Gray.                  (Fawn)
2nd.  Gillian. Wakeling.        (Grey)
3rd.   S. Fowler.                     (Grey)

Sheepskin Champion
Trish Gray.    
Reserve Champion
Trish. Gray.



Reports from the 2013 Shows & Sales:



Shetland Sheep Show & Sale 26 September 2013


Judge: Neville TurnerSedgemoor Sheep

Breed Champion  Lyn Bushnell with Ram Adult white - Pretty Oak Coulter
Reserve Champion Roswitha Norton with Shearling Ram fawn katmoget - Roban Selwyn
Best ewe Derek Rashley with grey katmoget Tooley Bethany
Best Ram lamb  Lesley Beazer with Hillend Bertie
Best Ewe lamb  Edna Thomas & David Humphreys

Wool on the Hoof Judge: Maureen Turner

Champion  Lesley Beazer with a Ewe Lamb Hillend Berry
Reserve Champion  Maurice Wakeling with an Adult Ram dark grey Eurystheus of Spalford
Best Grey or Fawn   Maurice Wakeling with an Adult Ram Eurystheus of Spalford


Judge: Sue BlackerSedgemoor Craft

Champion: Kate Sharp
Reserve Champion: Trish Gray

Hand Spun   1st Kate Sharp
Machine Spun 1st  Trish Gray
Felted        1st Carole Fewings
Woven        1st Trish Gray
Lace         1st  Gillian Wakeling

See more photos of the stunning craft at Sedgemoor below.



Judge: Rena DouglasSedgemoor Fleeces

Champion: Dodie Huxter
Reserve Champion:  Mary Gibbings

White 1st Dodie Huxter
Black  1st Trish Gray
Moorit 1st Trish Gray
Grey  1st Paula Goodlad
Patterned 1st Mary Gibbings



Judge:   Geoff WoodsSedgemoor Skins

Champion: Amanda Bowen
Reserve Champion: Trish Gray





More craft from Sedgemoor:

Champion Craft at Sedgemoor was the beautiful grey hand spun and hand knitted shawl by Kate Sharp

shown above in the centre of the craft display. More photos below under Melton Mowbray and Lanark, where Kate also won the Craft Championship.

  Reserve Champion by Trish Gray
Peg loom bag Felt Dog
 Peg loom bag by Paula Goodlad  Needle felted dog by Carole Fewings
Grey shawl Moorit jumper
 Knitted grey shawl by Edna Humphreys  Knitted moorit jumper by Gilly Wakeling
 Woven buttons by Trish Gray  




Shetland Sheep Show & Sale 21 September 2013


 Carlisle Champion Carlisle Reserve Champion 
Champion from Robin and Margaret McEwen-King
Galtress Sandrina a homebred gimmer sold for £90
Reserve Champion Aged Tup from B&J Watson Muncaster Edmond


(Unofficial) Sale Report:

Ewes and gimmers must have averaged £50-60 (no significant difference between them) with the top price being for a grey ewe Galtress Quelsita 049100 £150. Top shearling price was black, Muncaster Candice 054599 also £150. A white shearling, Bay Rigg Kay 056108, made £100.

Blacks were consistently short of bids while moorits were often higher. Spots sold well with an occasional run-away on the bidding for a really good example of a spotty (though in every section there were some really lovely sheep that for whatever reason were not what the buyers were looking for).
Ewe lamb prices were generally poor although there were odd run-aways for particularly sweet looking spotties. The top price paid was £200 for Galtress Trisha, a black smirslet krunet. Ecclesmachan Morina 056840, registered as white spotted, made £110 as did Duart Mina 056597, grey yuglet. Some bargains, like a black Enfield Krakatoa daughter, Enfield Aquila 055833, sold for £25.

Bidders for tups were short and prices were low. The aged tups sold for steady prices £90 being the top end. Shearling prices were poor and many shearlings and ram lambs were taken home unsold. Top ram lamb price was £60 for Ecclesmachan Glendarroch a black krunet and £80 was paid for a shearling: Muncaster Arnie 054602, a moorit.



Melton Mowbray

Shetland Sheep Show & Sale 13 & 14 September 2013

For results CLICK HERE


Judge: Rena Douglas
Wool on the Hoof Judge: Suzanne Meikle
Philip Cowan, Neville Spenceley, Alan Hill


  Melton Champ & Reserve
Reserve Champion: Ram lamb Greenacre Sandy
from Andrew Bain (pictured left)
Champion: 2yo ewe Southbook Isabel
from Jerry Bloom (pictured right)


   Drum Marce
  Best Wool on the Hoof: Drum Marce from Rena Douglas



Fleece Judge: Sue Russo

Champion - Maureen Turner's black fleece
 Moorit fleece
Reserve Champion - Mary Gibbings' Moorit fleece
 Grey shawl
Champion Craft - Kate Sharp & Alan Hill's grey shawl
 coloured scarf
Reserve Chamption - Sue Russo's coloured scarf
Some other beautiful craft items:
Mary Ardron's buttons
Kate Sharp's wheel
 Grey bag
Maureen Turner's grey bag
 Kiddies jumper
Cluny Chapman's kiddies jumper
 Jumper detail
Detail from Sue Russo's grey jumper

White Fleece
1. Kate sharp and Alan Hill
2. Maureen turner
3. Philip Cowan
4. Tracy Gray
5. Moira Morrison and John Bogue

Black Fleece
1. Maureen Turner
2. Rhian Pike

Moorit Fleece
1. Mary Gibbings
2. Simonie Fowler
3. Philip Cowan
4. Rena Douglas

Grey Fleece
1. Simonie Fowler
2. Maureen Turner
3. Kate Sharp and Alan Hill
4. Philip Cowan

Any Other Colour
1. Mary Gibbings
2. Mary Gibbings
3. Rena Douglas
4. Simonie Fowler
5. Tracy Gray
6. Kate sharp and Alan Hill

Champion - Maureen Turner (Black)
Reserve - Mary Gibbings (Moorit)


Craft Judge: Rosemary Kitchingman

Handspun Handknit Jumper
1. Sue Russo
2. Alistair Wilson
Handspun Handknit Stole / Shawl
1. Kate Sharp and Alan Hill
2. Sue Russo
3. Alistair Wilson
Handspun Handknit other item
1. Sue Russo
2. Kate Sharp and Alan Hill
Machinespun Handknit Jumper
1. Cluny Chapman
2. Cluny Chapman
Machinespun Handknit other item
1. Cluny Chapman
2. Maureen Turner
3. Alistair Wilson
4. Alistair Wilson
Novice Class
1. Philip Cowan and Amy Houghton
2. Tracy Gray
1. Tracy Gray
1. Hazel Syme
Any other craft item
1. Simonie Fowler
2. Mary Ardron
3. Kate Sharp and Alan Hill
Champion - Kate Sharp and Alan Hill's Shawl
Reserve - Sue Russo's scarf























Shetland Sheep Show & Sale 30th August 2013

At the annual show and sale of Shetland sheep on Friday the 30th of August there were 300 forward selling to a keen ringside of buyers. The show prior to the sale was superbly supported with the Champion sheep being a ram from G. E. Meikle, St Baldreds, Tyninghame which sold for £110 to a regular purchaser D. J. Kirkpatrick, Auchenbainzie, Thornhill. Reserve was a ewe from the same consigner and she sold for £95 to P. Lillington, Wyndford, Broxburn. Topping the sale was a shearling ram at £180 from Mr & Mrs A. Arbuckle, 4 Dun Place, Winchburgh selling to Messrs J. P. Turner, Bryn Hyfryd, Pentir.

Other leading prices:

Lot No.
103    Shearling Ram    £120.00
186    Shearling Gimmer    £110.00
188    Shearling Gimmer    £90.00
193    Shearling Gimmer     £90.00
194    Shearling Gimmer    £90.00
332     Shearling Ram    £90.00
199    Ram Lamb    £85.00
327    Shearling Ram    £85.00
1001    Ram Lamb     £85.00
189    Shearling Gimmer    £80.00
191     Shearling Gimmer    £80.00
198    Ram Lamb    £80.00
1003    Ewe Lamb    £80.00


Judge: Neil Adams
Stewards: Hazel Syme & Suzanne Meikle


 Shetland Champion Lanark  Shetland Reserve Champion
Champion - 2 shear tup from Gilbert Meikle Reserve Champion from Gilbert Meikle


Best Shetland Lamb Lanark 2013 Shetland Wool on the Hoof
Best Lamb from Moira Morrison & John Bogue
Photo Moira with Judge Neil Adams
Best Wool on the Hoof from John Stevens

Ram one year and over 17 forward

1st (311) G.E.Meikle St Baldreds
2nd (1)  J Brunton Fieldview
3rd (103) Mr Mrs Andrew Bain Greenacre

Ewe must have nursed a lamb in 2013 12 forward

1st  (316) G.E.Meikle St Baldreds
2nd (168) Mr and Mrs P Lillington
3rd (35) Mr and Mrs R McEwen-King Galtress

Gimmer 14 forward

1st (105) Mr & Mrs A Bain
2nd (315) G.E.Meikle St Baldreds
3rd (300) J Stevens and Family Rosebank

Ram Lamb (13 forward)

1st  (199) Moira Morrison and John Bogue  Best Lamb
2nd (1001) S Watson
3rd (202) D& A Robertson

Ewe Lamb (13 forward)

1st  (14) J Brunton Fieldview
2nd (38) Mr and Mrs McEwen - King
3rd  (318) G.E.Meikle

Champion - 311 G.E.Meikle  White two Shear Tup -  St Baldreds Ebenezer

Reserve - 316 G.E.Meikle a White two crop ewe  -  St Baldreds Jeanie

Best Wool On Hoof - 300 John Stevens and Family Grey Katmoget Gimmer -  Rosebank Margaret

Best Lamb -199  Rigg Geromino white tup lamb

Best White Gimmer - 105 Mr and Mrs A Bain



Judge: Jean Meikle
Stewards: Alastair Wilson & Philip Cowan


Shetland Chamption Fleece

Shetland Fleece

Champion Fleece from Morrison & Bogue  

White Fleece

1st Morrison & Bogue
2nd Andrew Bain
3rd Morrison & Bogue

Coloured Fleece

1st Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
2nd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
3rd Fiona Hipwell

Champion Fleece: Morrison & Bogue
Reserve Champion: Kate Sharp & Alan Hill


Hand-knitted cardigan
Champion: Kate Sharp's hand-spun and knitted shawl Reserve Champion: Gillian Wakeling's hand-knitted cardigan


Moorit lamb craft Coloured scarf 
Moorit lamb by Alastair Wilson Coloured scarf by Alastair Wilson


 Rug Oil painting 

Denise Fairplay's oil painting of white ram with
real wool on forehead and neck


1st Alastair Wilson
2nd Alastair Wilson
3rd Alastair Wilson

Machine Spun Hand Knitted

1st Gillian Wakeling
2nd Gillian Wakeling
3rd L. Allan

Hand Spun Hand Knitted

1st Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
2nd Kate Sharp & Alan Hill
3rd Alastair Wilson

Rug Class

1st Joan Brunton
2nd Alastair Wilson
3rd M. Arbuckle

Anything made from a Shetland

1st Denise Playfair
2nd Alastair Wilson
3rd Denise Playfair

Champion Craft: Kate Sharp & Alan Hill with a hand spun shawl
Reserve Chamption:  Gillian Wakeling with a coloured cardigan




Reports from the 2012 Shows & Sales:

Andrew Bain with his Champion shearling ram


31 Aug 2012

Judge – Rena Douglas

Entry – 238

Champion – White Shearling Ram (Andrew & Ellen Bain)

Res Champion – Grey Katmoget Ram Lamb (Andrew & Ellen Bain)

The top price of £150 was paid for a white gimmer while the Champion Ram went for £130.  Ewe prices averaged at £58 while gimmers were making on average £65.



13 Sep 2012

Judge – Alistair Wilson

Entry 85

Champion – Thorsgill Ginny (Richard Allen)

Res. Champion – Seaxpenne Cai (Humphreys & Thomas)

Top price of 100gns was achieved on five occasions with shearling rams.  Top price for a female went to a ewe lamb who also sold for 100gns.



Suzanne Meikle with Chamption Brae Magic



22 Sep 2012

Judge – Kate Sharp

Entry 139

Champion – Brae Magic (Suzanne Meikle)

Res. Champion – Galtress Don Quixote (Margaret & Robin McEwen-King)

Shetlands sold well with the top price of £200 being paid.  The Champion and Reserve both sold for £100 with the top price ewe lamb making £120.


Philip Cowan with Champion Wadley Fame


5/6 Oct 2012

Judge – Mary Gibbings

Entry 65

Champion -  Wadley Fame (Philip Cowan)

Res Champion – St Baldreds Anita (G Meikle)

Top price of 160gns was achieved by the Champion, a shearling ram.  A top price of 80gns was paid for a shearling ewe while a ewe lamb reached 92gns.


National Show & Sale Melton Mowbray

7-8 Sept 2012

Judge: Tony Bennett
Chief Inspector: Neville Spenceley
Stewards: Tracy Gray & Philip Cowan
Wool on the Hoof Judge: Nic Hill
Fleece Competition Judge: Joan Brunton
Craft Competition Judge: Kate Sharp


Show Champion: Great Moor Ginkgo - fawn katmoget shearling ram, Celia Clement-Smith
Reserve Champion: Ewingston Hibiscus - moorit shearling ewe, Kate Sharp

Ewe class winner: Ewingston Hibiscus - shearling ewe, Kate Sharp
Ewe Lamb class winner: Xxxx - Tracy Gray
Ram class winner: Great Moor Ginkgo - shearling ram, Celia Clement-Smith
Ram Lamb class winner:
Wool on the Hoof winner: Xxxx - ewe lamb, Maureen & Neville Turner
Fleece competition winner: Maureen & Neville Turner
Craft competition winner: Cluny Chapman's wall hanging