The Shetland Sheep Society

Our Mission

The mission of the Shetland Sheep Society is to promote all aspects of the breed, to encourage the breeding, keeping and welfare of Shetland Sheep and to uphold the 1927 Breed Standard, within the UK mainland.

Our Activities

  • acting as the registration authority for the breed within the UK Mainland (affiliated to the National Sheep Association)

  • promoting the qualities and benefits of the breed

  • providing training and practical help and advice to members on how to manage and get the most out of the breed eg animal husbandry, health & welfare, selecting ewes for breeding, choosing a suitable ram, showing sheep, additional produce, etc

  • disseminating information to members via newsletter, website, email and in person

  • organising events like shows, sales, ram gatherings, craft events, training days, social events and other activities that promote the breed, support the members, and are fun to do!

Our Shared Values

Passion for the Breed - we put the stewardship and welfare of Shetland Sheep first in everything we do in order to sustain the breed for future generations

Collaboration & Teamwork - we support each other by building good relationships and good team spirit, seeking ideas and sharing solutions

Trust and Respect for Individuals - we create a culture of inclusion built on trust and respect